Ceiling with Silhouette Fixture

The Silhouette® linear lighting system was developed with our mind set on ultimate performance, economical cost, and superior design flexibility in one series. The system offers s imple, field construction of a high output, small form factor and low profile LED luminaire. It permits easy integration into architectural designs while providing easy work for the installing contractor. Silhouette is available in programmable constant current or preset constant voltage versions with several optical and mounting options, all of which can be custom cut in the field to create decorative patterns or to meet wall to wall requirements. The fixture bodies and lens are shipped in 6FT and 8FT lengths and the LED source is supplied on LumiNEXT proprietary constant current wafers which can be field cut in 1” increments and reconnected with poke in connectors – no field soldering necessary. The constant voltage versions come standard with Lutron Drivers for superior dimming, and the Light Saber 24V Flex is field cuttable every half inch and comes on 16′ rolls. The proprietary solderless power feed makes for quick and easy installation, and over comes the biggest issue with using low voltage LED flex in architectural lighting today- tedious, difficult and expensive installation



• Light Saber 24V Flex: 5.5W per foot 550 lumens per foot
• Constant Current Wafers: up to 9W 1000lm/ft factory programmed in 1mA increments
• Warm Dim Flex: 6W, 500lm/ft at 3000k dims to 2000k using Eldo Lightshape Technology.
• RGBW: 7W per foot RGBW tunable via DMX 

Constant current LED wafers provided in 2FT lengths which can be cut in 1” increments. Max run of 30′ per voltage feed.
Light Saber Flex: Supplied in 16 foot lengths and cuttable in .5″ increments, max run of 16ft per voltage feed.

• Remote constant current 0-10V 120-277VAC EldoLED drivers with Dim to Dark and .1% dimming
• Remote Constant Voltage 120-277VAC Lutron Drivers with fade to black dimming and soft on.
• RGBW – EldoLED 4 channel Powerdrive standard

• Extruded aluminum housing with end caps
• Surface mount stainless steel spring clips
• Field cuttable and eld assembled

Solderless connectors for easy daisy chaining sections of combined lengths.

Sheetrock or recessed channel (contact factory for modifcations)

• Satin anodized brushed aluminum finish
• Other RAL color options available

Extruded Lenses, diffused lenses are Satin Ice Opal Acrylic
Clear lenses are translucent polycarbonate

• UL Listed
• IBEW (local 3) Union
• Made in the USA



• 100 Lm/Wt • Up to 300ft Run • BX Termination


The Solara Flexible Lighting System promotes layout design flexibility, standard junction box termination and no driver to hide.

• 12 Degree Optics • Line Voltage Option • RGBW Option


The first direct AC, configurable, snap-in wall grazer system for outdoor use that allows for optimal light pattern and uniform distribution over long runs with no drivers to hide.

* IP68 Rated • Top and Side Bending • 10mm Mini Version


High efficiency diffused flex system that is plug-and-play, with gamut of options and color consistency.