The ISPY Series puts light where you need it, with a minimalist design, NO glare, and multiple optical options to solve many lighting design problems in one product line. Designed from the LED source out, The ISPY downlights are high performance, small form factor fixtures that are scalable, and each module can be cascaded to create rows of modules over long distances while providing a simple, contractor friendly mounting platform. Mounting options include retrofit, new construction and hypergrid extrusion mount. Available in any cell configuration and with custom powder coat options, the ISPY can find its way onto any design package.


Up to 3W per cell, 300lm per cell at 3000k & 90 CRI

Nichia 219C, 3 Step Macadam Color binning, single forward voltage bin, single flux bin only

Low voltage quick connect for cascading modules inside extruded U channel. Line voltage options allow for BX cable termination direct into fixture junction box.


• Remote: Eldo Solodrive Standard, Dim to off, .1%. 0-10V dimming standard. Dali Dimming optional
• Local: Custom 0-10V LED driver (25W max) ELV dimming option available.

Anodized aluminum housing with standard pearl white or gunmetal black powder coat, custom RAL colors are available.

• Tunable white (2700-5700k)
• IP65 Wet Location

• 5/8 Sheetrock mount with flange
• Flangeless sheetrock mount with included brackets
• Magnetic mount with aluminum extruded U channel for cascading modules

UL Listed, IBEW (local 3) Union-Made in the USA


• 100 Lm/Wt • Up to 300ft Run • BX Termination


The Solara Flexible Lighting System promotes layout design flexibility, standard junction box termination and no driver to hide.

• 12 Degree Optics • Line Voltage Option • RGBW Option


The first direct AC, configurable, snap-in wall grazer system for outdoor use that allows for optimal light pattern and uniform distribution over long runs with no drivers to hide.

* IP68 Rated • Top and Side Bending • 10mm Mini Version


High efficiency diffused flex system that is plug-and-play, with gamut of options and color consistency.